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PDF icon 0.05A: October 14, 2020 Executive Minutes137.88 KB
PDF icon 0.05B: October 14, 2020 Public Minutes319.43 KB
PDF icon 0.07A: President's Report-November 2020169.21 KB
PDF icon 0.07B: Opposition Letter to S-2843225.07 KB
PDF icon 0.07C: Resolution Opposing S-2843/A-1911109 KB
PDF icon 1.A01a: Digital Divide Discretionary Grant Amendment34.37 KB
PDF icon 1.A01b: Annual Preschool Operations Plan34.14 KB
Office spreadsheet icon 1.A01b1: 2021-2022 Preschool Operational Plan276 KB
PDF icon 1.A01b2: Addendum-PDP Plan 2021-2022 Final97.19 KB
PDF icon 1.A01b3: Revised District Information Form153.82 KB
PDF icon 1.A04a: ELA Book Addition-GIS30.49 KB
PDF icon 1.B01a: Rowan University Internship54.21 KB
PDF icon 1.B01b: Rowan University Clinical Practice28.35 KB
PDF icon 1.B01c: Rowan University Practicum54.01 KB
PDF icon 1.C01: NWEA MAP Data Analysis-Fall 20201.8 MB
PDF icon 1.F01a: HIB School Self-Assessment Review-JHR206.31 KB
PDF icon 1.F01b: HIB School Self-Assessment Review-DLB189.95 KB
PDF icon 1.F01c: HIB School Self-Assessment Review-TEB202.58 KB
PDF icon 1.F01d: HIB School Self-Assessment Review-GIS198.79 KB
PDF icon 1.F01e: HIB School Self-Assessment Review-GHS201.61 KB
PDF icon 1.F02: ESEA Grant Carryover Funds35.09 KB
PDF icon 1.G02: Suspensions-October 2020212.16 KB
PDF icon 1.G03a: Board Report-Rodgers96.85 KB
PDF icon 1.G03b: Board Report-Bullock409.17 KB
PDF icon 1.G03c: Board Report-Bowe557.63 KB
PDF icon 1.G03d: Board Report-GIS183.88 KB
PDF icon 1.G03e: Board Report-GHS248.48 KB
PDF icon 1.G03f: Board Report-AEHS42.05 KB
PDF icon 1.G03g: Board Report-Bullock Guidance80.85 KB
PDF icon 1.G03h: Board Report-Bowe Guidance107.87 KB
PDF icon 1.G03i: Board Report-GIS Guidance77.89 KB
PDF icon 1.G03j: Board Report-CST135.67 KB
PDF icon 1.G04: Chief Academic Officer Report163.88 KB
PDF icon 1.G05: New ELA, SS & Science Curriculum Purchase37.67 KB
PDF icon 1.G06: GHS Powder Puff Event296.06 KB
PDF icon 1.G07: Inclement Weather Remote Instruction63.19 KB
PDF icon 2.C01: Joint Transportation Agreement-Pitman188.79 KB
PDF icon 2.D01a: Warrant Account Bill List-November 2020519.03 KB
PDF icon 2.D01b: Capital Projects Bill List-November 2020414.03 KB
PDF icon 2.D01c: Handwritten Check List August 1-31, 2020414.09 KB
PDF icon 2.D01d: Board Secretary's Report-July 202083.42 KB
PDF icon 2.D01e: Board Secretary's Report-August 202083.63 KB
PDF icon 2.D01f: Revenue Report-July 2020153.78 KB
PDF icon 2.D01g: Revenue Report-August 2020154.06 KB
PDF icon 2.D01j: Food Service Profit & Loss-September 202021.19 KB
PDF icon 2.D01k: Food Service Profit & Loss-October 202022.06 KB
PDF icon 2.D01l: Food Service Dashboard-October 2020300.24 KB
PDF icon 2.D02a: Transfer List-July 2020193.9 KB
PDF icon 2.D02b: Transfer List-August 2020122.21 KB
PDF icon 2.E01: rSchoolToday Agreement-Electronic Work Order System312.95 KB
PDF icon 2.E02: Policies/Regulations18.1 KB
PDF icon 2.E02a: Policy 1620, Administrative Employment Contracts511.5 KB
PDF icon 2.E02b: Policy 1648, Restart & Recovery Plan594.01 KB
PDF icon 2.E02c: Policy 1648.02, Remote Learning Options for Families462.14 KB
PDF icon 2.E02d: Policy 1648.03, Restart & Recovery Plan - Full-Time Remote Instruction190.47 KB
PDF icon 2.E02e: Policy 2431, Athletic Competition377.71 KB
PDF icon 2.E02f: Regulation 2431.1, Emergency Procedures for Sports & Other Athletic Activity476.02 KB
PDF icon 2.E02g: Policy 2464, Gifted & Talented Students319.37 KB
PDF icon 2.E02h: Policy 5330.05, Seizure Action Plan83.31 KB
PDF icon 2.E02i: Regulation 5330.05, Seizure Action Plan217.24 KB
PDF icon 2.E02j: Policy 8561, Procurement Procedures for School Nutrition Programs931.11 KB
PDF icon 2.E03: 2020-2021 Athletic Stipend Sidebar Agreement81.58 KB
PDF icon 2.F01a: Maintenance Report-October 2020152.98 KB
PDF icon 2.F01b: Security Drill Report-October 202034.15 KB
PDF icon 2.F01c: Facility Request Report14.03 KB
PDF icon 2.F01d: IT Report119.23 KB
PDF icon 2.F03a: LED Sign-GHS196.96 KB
PDF icon 3.B01h: ESS Substitute List-November 202054.99 KB
PDF icon 3.B02a: Transfers45.4 KB
PDF icon 3.B03a: Increase of Hrs-Security Aide-GHS-Ahmed Shire67.3 KB
PDF icon 3.B03b: Night Foreman-Rodgers-Michael Peterson195.03 KB
PDF icon 3.C01: Job Description-Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent98.61 KB
PDF icon 3.C02: Job Description-Senior School Accountant147.19 KB
PDF icon 3.C03: Job Description-Supervisor of Staff & Student Support Services104.04 KB
PDF icon 3.C03a: Organizational Chart85.98 KB
PDF icon 3.C04: Job Description-Staff & Student Support Services Clerk A53.31 KB
PDF icon 3.C05: Job Description-Staff & Student Support Services Clerk B59.66 KB
PDF icon 3.D01: Community Affairs Secretary Report-October 2020113.69 KB
PDF icon 3.E01: 2020-2021 Event Staff15.6 KB
PDF icon 3.E02: 2020-2021 Co-Curricular Club Advisor-GIS15.42 KB
PDF icon 3.E03: Green Team Community Cleanup-GIS77.48 KB
PDF icon 3.E04: GHS Department Chairperson-Arthur Myers15.17 KB
PDF icon 3.E05: 3 or More Preps-GHS15.1 KB
PDF icon 3.E06: Fall Drama Co-Curricular Advisors-GHS121.03 KB
PDF icon 3.E07: School Safety & Security Plan Annual Review SOA70.5 KB
PDF icon 3.E08: GPSD New Employee Onboarding Procedure250.34 KB
PDF icon 3.E09: 2020-2021 Winter Athletic Coaches76.17 KB
PDF icon 3.E10: Volunteer Winter Track Assistant Coach-James Screven58.67 KB