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PDF icon 0.05A: February 3, 2022 Board Retreat Minutes589.36 KB
PDF icon 0.05B: February 23, 2022 Executive Minutes737.98 KB
PDF icon 0.05C: February 23, 2022 Public Minutes616.54 KB
PDF icon 1.A01a: Grant Amendments34.34 KB
PDF icon 1.A04a: Course Name Change-GHS83.61 KB
PDF icon 1.A05: Professional Development/Workshops87.38 KB
PDF icon 1.B01a: Widener University-Internship34.55 KB
PDF icon 1.B01b: Rowan University-Clinical Practice28.61 KB
PDF icon 1.B02: Enrollment/ADA278.19 KB
PDF icon 1.F01: 2022-2023 School Calendar213.29 KB
PDF icon 1.F02: AVID Program128.21 KB
PDF icon 1.F03: 2021-2022 Title I Schoolwide Applications107.41 KB
PDF icon 1.F03a: 2021-2022 Schoolwide Plan-Thomas E. Bowe Middle School336.13 KB
PDF icon 1.F03b: 2021-2022 Title I Schoolwide Plan-GHS335 KB
PDF icon 1.G02: Suspensions242.87 KB
PDF icon 1.G03a: Board Report-Rodgers616.76 KB
PDF icon 1.G03b: Board Report-Bullock471.92 KB
PDF icon 1.G03c: Board Report-Bowe503.83 KB
PDF icon 1.G03d: Board Report-GIS163.49 KB
PDF icon 1.G03e: Board Report-GHS388.53 KB
PDF icon 1.G03f: Board Report-AEHS83.96 KB
PDF icon 1.G03g: Board Report-Rodgers Guidance80.35 KB
PDF icon 1.G03h: Board Report-Bullock Guidance109.17 KB
PDF icon 1.G03i: Board Report-Bowe Guidance108.55 KB
PDF icon 1.G03j: Board Report-GIS Guidance55.33 KB
PDF icon 1.G03k: Board Report-CST134.21 KB
PDF icon 1.G04: Chief Academic Officer Report237.09 KB
PDF icon 1.G05: Rowan University Research Study400.21 KB
PDF icon 1.G06: BEAM Field Trip124.74 KB
PDF icon 1.G07: Amended District Safe Reopening Plan161.92 KB
PDF icon 2.A01a: Mercury Vapor Testing Update47.3 KB
PDF icon 2.C01: Bus Purchases198.96 KB
PDF icon 2.C02: Joint Transportation Agreement-Pemberton193.21 KB
PDF icon 2.D01a: Warrant Account Bill List-March 20221022.17 KB
PDF icon 2.D01b: Handwritten Check List-February 1-28, 2022624.96 KB
PDF icon 2.D01c: Board Secretary's Report-February 2022292.49 KB
PDF icon 2.D01d: Revenue Report-February 2022126.98 KB
PDF icon 2.D01e: Treasurer's Report-February 20221.9 MB
PDF icon 2.D01f: Food Service Profit & Loss-February 202222.56 KB
PDF icon 2.D01g: Food Service Dashboard-February 2022886.21 KB
PDF icon 2.D02a: Transfer List-February 2022209.63 KB
PDF icon 2.E01: Policies/Regulations62.74 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a1: Policy 2415.05, Student Surveys, Analysis, Evaluations, Examinations, Testing, or Treatment172.42 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a2: Regulation 8420.1, Fire & Fire Drills133.94 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b1: Policy 3233, Political Activities107.31 KB
PDF icon 2.E02: Clear Touch Panels-Rodgers86.8 KB
PDF icon 2.E03a: 2020-2021 Annual Audit Resolution81.32 KB
PDF icon 2.E03b: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report-Year Ended June 30, 20211.87 MB
PDF icon 2.E03c: Synopsis of Audit Report for Public Distribution-Year Ended June 30, 202172.69 KB
PDF icon 2.E03d: Corrective Action Plan-Fiscal Year 202115.13 KB
PDF icon 2.E04: 2022-2023 District Enrollment & Planning Workbook Resolution34.35 KB
File 2.E04a: 2022-2023 District Enrollment & Planning Workbook151.72 KB
PDF icon 2.E05: 2022-2023 Budget Resolutions81.48 KB
PDF icon 2.E06: Cargo Van Purchases113.41 KB
PDF icon 2.F01a: Maintenance Report130.74 KB
PDF icon 2.F01b: Security Drill Report-February76.6 KB
PDF icon 2.F01d: IT Report614.22 KB
PDF icon 3.B01h: ESS Substitute List-March 202264.43 KB
PDF icon 3.D01: Community Affairs Secretary Report-February 2022110.01 KB
PDF icon 3.E01: GIS Green Team Community Cleanup77.74 KB
PDF icon 3.E02: SONJ/UCS Grant Advisor-GHS-Christopher Wood94.78 KB
PDF icon 3.E03: GPSA Sidebar Agreement-Principal-Bullock75.09 KB
PDF icon 3.E04a: Loss of Prep-GHS86.56 KB
PDF icon 3.E04b: Loss of Prep-GHS-Tara Guiliani113.08 KB
PDF icon 3.E05: Math BSI Tutoring-Bowe71.23 KB
PDF icon 3.E06: AEHS Assignment-Danielle Fiscella15.82 KB
PDF icon 3.E07: Boys Tennis Head Coach-Gregory Maccarone114.76 KB