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PDF icon 0.05a: September 26, 2018 Executive Minutes201.74 KB
PDF icon 0.05b: September 26, 2018 Public Minutes208.38 KB
PDF icon 0.07a: Emergency Aid Application/Gloucester County Aid Shifts110.09 KB
PDF icon 0.07c: President's Report-October 2018149.38 KB
PDF icon 1.A01a: Rowan University Teacher Diversity Project Grant Proposal1.36 MB
PDF icon 1.A01b: GEF Grant Submissions121.26 KB
PDF icon 1.A01b1: GEF Grant-Let Girls Be Girls/Re-Establish Project-2018220 KB
PDF icon 1.A01b2: GEF Grant-Technology Mapping Curriculum782.32 KB
PDF icon 1.A01c: GEF Grant Awards121.36 KB
PDF icon 1.A01c1: GEF Grant-The Write Stuff Published Book Project165.38 KB
PDF icon 1.A01c2: GEF Grant-Make Einsteins with Albert1.54 MB
PDF icon 1.A01d: KaBOOM Grant19.96 KB
PDF icon 1.A01d1: KaBOOM Grant-Part I138.74 KB
PDF icon 1.A01d2: KaBOOM Grant-Part II21.7 MB
PDF icon 1.A01d3: KaBOOM Grant-Part III129.59 KB
PDF icon 1.A05: Professional Development/Workshops492.28 KB
PDF icon 1.B01a: Fairleigh Dickinson University-QUEST II Art14.7 KB
PDF icon 1.B01b: Wilmington University-School Counseling Clinical Practicum15.14 KB
PDF icon 1.B01c: LaSalle University-Observation20.35 KB
PDF icon 1.B02: Enrollment/ADA307.46 KB
PDF icon 1.C01: District Test Coordinator19.71 KB
PDF icon 1.C02: PARCC Coordinators35.27 KB
PDF icon 1.D01: Special Education Annual Report701.62 KB
PDF icon 1.D03: CLCCP at Rowan University28.35 KB
PDF icon 1.E01: TCC Proposed Membership Dues/Ticket Prices56.38 KB
PDF icon 1.E02: TCC Membership6.96 KB
PDF icon 1.E03: Baseball Field Trip-Norfolk VA55.07 KB
PDF icon 1.F01: Nonpublic Services Agreement for Chapters 192/193127.54 KB
PDF icon 1.F02: 2018-2019 Non-Public Security Aid Purchasing Agreement50.54 KB
PDF icon 1.F03: Para-Plus Translations, Inc. Contract943.72 KB
PDF icon 1.F04: HIB Self-Assessment607.79 KB
PDF icon 1.F05: Rowan Robotics Club-GIS28.74 KB
PDF icon 1.G02: Suspensions-September 2018116.91 KB
PDF icon 1.G03a: Board Report-Rodgers210.11 KB
PDF icon 1.G03b: Board Report-Bullock263.56 KB
PDF icon 1.G03c: Board Report-Bowe199.8 KB
PDF icon 1.G03d: Board Report-GIS98.85 KB
PDF icon 1.G03e: Board Report-GHS607.23 KB
PDF icon 1.G03f: Board Report-Bullock Guidance230.57 KB
PDF icon 1.G03g: Board Report-Bowe Guidance411.05 KB
PDF icon 1.G03h: Board Report-GIS Guidance48.39 KB
PDF icon 1.G03i: Board Report-CST16.72 KB
PDF icon 1.G04: Chief Academic Officer Report443.89 KB
PDF icon 1.G05: Rutgers Research Study29.3 KB
PDF icon 1.G06: Rowan Study-Bowe School22.13 KB
PDF icon 1.G07: 2018-2019 PDS Generic MOU-Rowan University116.47 KB
PDF icon 2.A05a: GHS Trace Use-Rowan Request3.38 KB
PDF icon 2.C01: Bus Stop Analysis700.51 KB
PDF icon 2.C02: Marching Band Bus3.52 KB
PDF icon 2.D01a: Warrant Account Bill List-October 2018450.57 KB
PDF icon 2.D01b: Capital Projects Bill List-October 201824.48 KB
PDF icon 2.D01c: Handwritten Check List September 1-30, 2018239.7 KB
PDF icon 2.D01d: Board Secretary's Report-September 2018766.38 KB
PDF icon 2.D01e: Revenue Report-September 201824.77 KB
PDF icon 2.D01f: Treasurer's Report-September 2018277.64 KB
PDF icon 2.D02a: Transfer List-September 2018115.18 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a: Policy 1550, Equal Employment/Anti-Discrimination277.41 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b: Regulation 1550, Equal Employment/Anti-Discrimination301.3 KB
PDF icon 2.E01c: Policy 1613, Disclosure & Review of Applicant's Employment History206.04 KB
PDF icon 2.E01d: Regulation 1613, Disclosure & Review of Applicant's Employment History273.72 KB
PDF icon 2.E01e: Policy 5512, Revised-Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying441.28 KB
PDF icon 2.E01f: Regulation 5512, Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying124.76 KB
PDF icon 2.E01g: Policy 5561, Use of Phys Restraint & Seclusion Tech for Students with Disabilities304.41 KB
PDF icon 2.E01h: Regulation 5561, Use of Phys Restraint & Seclusion Tech for Students with Disabilities324.2 KB
PDF icon 2.E01i: Policy 8462, Reporting Potentially Missing or Abused Children234.03 KB
PDF icon 2.E01j: Policy 8561, Procurement Procedures for School Nutrition Programs281.35 KB
PDF icon 2.E01k: Policy 9181.01, Extra-Curricular/Co-Curricular Activity Advisors129.46 KB
PDF icon 2.E02: Comprehensive Maintenance Plan Resolution25.76 KB
PDF icon 2.E02a: Comprehensive Maintenance Plan21.64 KB
PDF icon 2.E03: Copier Lease Agreement3.46 KB
PDF icon 2.E04: Obsolete/Damaged Equip Disposal-GIS20.07 KB
PDF icon 2.F01a: Maintenance Report129.61 KB
PDF icon 2.F01b: Security Drill Report-September 201814.27 KB
PDF icon 2.F01e: Facility Request Report3.88 KB
PDF icon 2.F01f: IT Report374.64 KB
PDF icon 3.B01g1: Asst Girls Basketball Coach-Rescinding Contract-Jeffrey Lake33.51 KB
PDF icon 3.B01g2: Volunteer Mens Basketball Coach-Rocco Aliberti35.62 KB
PDF icon 3.B01g3: Volunteer Boys Basketball Coach-Cameron Youngblood39.41 KB
PDF icon 3.B01g4: Volunteer Basketball Coach-MollyAnne Stevenson7.52 KB
PDF icon 3.B01g5: Athletic Coaches80.92 KB
PDF icon 3.B01h: Source4Teachers Substitutes-October 2018224.83 KB
PDF icon 3.D01: Community Affairs Secretary Report-September 2018176.1 KB
PDF icon 3.E02: All SJ, All State, Honors Bank/Orchestra & Choir Auditions89.75 KB
PDF icon 3.E04: Course Reimbursement20.42 KB
PDF icon 3.E05: Study Group Advisors113.35 KB
PDF icon 3.E06: Co-Curricular Advisors-GIS7.9 KB
PDF icon 3.E07: SAT Prep Course-Instructors382.81 KB
PDF icon 3.E08: Substitute Principal Stipend-Susan Kornicki19.72 KB
PDF icon 3.E09: Co-Curricular Advisors-GHS100.19 KB