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PDF icon 0.05A: Resolution-Superintendent's Contract10.74 KB
PDF icon 0.06A: July 15, 2020 Executive Minutes133.18 KB
PDF icon 0.06B: July 15, 2020 Public Minutes40.3 KB
PDF icon 0.06C: July 22, 2020 Executive Minutes33.73 KB
PDF icon 0.06D: July 22, 2020 Public Minutes230.32 KB
PDF icon 0.06E: July 29, 2020 Special Meeting Executive Minutes35.3 KB
PDF icon 0.06F: July 29, 2020 Special Meeting Public Minutes135.39 KB
PDF icon 0.08A: President's Report-August 2020160.83 KB
PDF icon 1.A01a: Digital Divide Discretionary Grant54.12 KB
PDF icon 1.A04a: Updated Math Pacing Guides54.17 KB
PDF icon 1.A04a1: Grade 7 Math Pacing Guide185.24 KB
PDF icon 1.A04a2: Grade 8 Math Pacing Guide172.86 KB
PDF icon 1.A04a3: Algebra 1 Pacing Guide153.82 KB
PDF icon 1.A04a4: Algebra 2 Pacing Guide125.39 KB
PDF icon 1.A04a5: Geometry Pacing Guide182.01 KB
PDF icon 1.B01a: Stockton University-Occupational Therapy Fieldwork43.95 KB
PDF icon 1.B01b: Rowan University-Counseling Internship43.77 KB
PDF icon 1.B01c: Wilmington University-Counseling Internship43.87 KB
PDF icon 1.B01d: Rowan University-Clinical Practice44.86 KB
PDF icon 1.C01: Spring 2020 AP Examinations43.56 KB
PDF icon 1.D03: Integrity Interpreting, LLC Contract117 KB
PDF icon 1.D07: Para-Plus Translations, Inc.44.17 KB
PDF icon 1.D07a: Para-Plus On-Site Interpretation Rate Schedule110.08 KB
PDF icon 1.D08: Bus Aide-Archway Programs13.69 KB
PDF icon 1.F01: New Teacher Academy53.65 KB
PDF icon 1.F02: Revised 2020-2021 School Calendar-Election Day242.54 KB
PDF icon 1.F03: 2020-2021 Student Code of Conduct43.24 KB
PDF icon 1.F03a: Student Code of Conduct-J. Harvey Rodgers School361.41 KB
PDF icon 1.F03b: Student Code of Conduct-Dorothy L. Bullock School401.11 KB
PDF icon 1.F03c: Student Code of Conduct-Thomas E. Bowe School377.75 KB
PDF icon 1.F04: District PDP Plan/CAP PDP Plan Template54.18 KB
PDF icon 1.F04a: DIstrict PDP Plan271.78 KB
PDF icon 1.F04b: CAP PDP Template184.14 KB
PDF icon 1.F05: Grading Guidance During COVID-19 / Grades 4-1292.21 KB
PDF icon 1.F06: 2020-2021 Restart & Recovery Plan Resolution84.87 KB
PDF icon 1.F06a: Resolution for 2020-2021 Recovery Plan58.62 KB
PDF icon 1:F06b: GPSD Online Academy Learning Plan Handbook2.28 MB
PDF icon 1.G03a: Board Report-Rodgers112.04 KB
PDF icon 1.G03b: Board Report-Bullock1.26 MB
PDF icon 1.G03c: Board Report-Bowe153.73 KB
PDF icon 1.G03d: Board Report-GIS45.04 KB
PDF icon 1.G03e: Board Report-GHS106.94 KB
PDF icon 1.G03g: Board Report-Bowe Guidance88.96 KB
PDF icon 1.G03i: Board Report-CST122.62 KB
PDF icon 1.G04: Interim Chief Academic Officer Report132.63 KB
PDF icon 2.A01a: Carbon Monoxide Detectors-Rodgers12.22 KB
PDF icon 2.A05a: New Building LED Sign-GHS12.78 KB
PDF icon 2.B01: Federal Grants Update13.8 KB
PDF icon 2.B02: SHIF Grant Update13.13 KB
PDF icon 2.B03: 2019 Safety Grant12.71 KB
PDF icon 2.C01: Transportation Update12.28 KB
PDF icon 2.D01a: Warrant Account Bill List-August 2020487.5 KB
PDF icon 2.D01c: Handwritten Check List-July 1-31, 2020441.19 KB
PDF icon 2.E01: Policies/Regulations13.65 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a1: Policy 1649, Federal Families First Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Act195.34 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a2: Policy 2270, Religion in the Schools229.81 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a3: Policy 2431.3, Heat Participation Policy for Student-Athlete Safety185.44 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a4: Policy 5610, Suspension198.79 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a5: Regulation 5610, Suspension Procedures582.33 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a6: Policy 5620, Expulsion185.16 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a7: Policy 8320, Personnel Records176.39 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a8: Regulation 8320, Personnel Records189.5 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b1: Policy 5320, Immunization173.61 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b2: Policy 7421, Indoor Air Quality Standards157.9 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b3: Policy 7430, School Safety153.08 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b4: Policy 8635, Pupil Transportation Vehicles & School Buses134.21 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b5: Policy 9150, School Visitors132.52 KB
PDF icon 2.E02: Cafeteria Update75.67 KB
PDF icon 2.E03: Accounts For You, Inc. Temp Service11.58 KB
PDF icon 2.F01a: Maintenance Report-July 2020110.98 KB
PDF icon 2.F01d: IT Report135.86 KB
PDF icon 3.B01a3: Part-Time Library Media Specialist-Karen DeFrank54.5 KB
PDF icon 3.B03a: Full-Time Status-GHS-Brittany Cox15.2 KB
PDF icon 3.C01: Revised/Updated Job Description-CPIS165.27 KB
PDF icon 3.D01: Community Affairs Secretary Report-July 202099.84 KB
PDF icon 3.E01: Detention Monitors/Restorative Workshop Presenters60.82 KB
PDF icon 3.E02a,b,&c: Substitute School Nurses115.86 KB
PDF icon 3.E03: Summer Employment-CST Meetings14.68 KB
PDF icon 3.E04: Change of Degree and/or Salary Status53.31 KB
PDF icon 3.E06a: SIG Grant Professional Development16.59 KB
PDF icon 3.E06b: SIG Grant Homework Helpers16.58 KB
PDF icon 3.E06c: SIG Grant Lunchtime Tutors16.71 KB
PDF icon 3.E06d: SIG Grant Data Specialist & Family/Community Liaison73.03 KB
PDF icon 3.E06e: SIG Grant Committee School Hours73.37 KB
PDF icon 3.E06f: SIG Part-Time Math Tutors/ELA Tutor16.46 KB
PDF icon 3.E07: Homework Clinic-Bowe75.32 KB
PDF icon 3.E08: Medical Standing Orders890.3 KB