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PDF icon 0.05A: August 24, 2022 Executive Minutes672.29 KB
PDF icon 0.05B: August 24, 2022 Public Minutes678.4 KB
PDF icon 1.A01a: NJ CAP Grant352.32 KB
PDF icon 1.A01b: GEF Grant83.87 KB
PDF icon 1.A01b1: GEF Grant: Hand-On Chemistry Through Modeling474.38 KB
PDF icon 1.A01c: SONJ-Unified Grant Awards14.44 KB
PDF icon 1.A01c1: SONJ-Unified Grant Award-DLB229.15 KB
PDF icon 1.A01c2: SONJ-Unified Grant Award-TEBMS230 KB
PDF icon 1.A01c3: SONJ-Unified Grant Award-GHS228.25 KB
PDF icon 1.A02a: Title I Staff Salaries125.81 KB
PDF icon 1.A04a: 2022-2023 Curriculum Committee Members/Mission Statements139.25 KB
PDF icon 1.A05: Professional Development/Workshops97.17 KB
PDF icon 1.B01a1: Rowan University-Field Experience - 134.62 KB
PDF icon 1.B01a2: Rowan University-Field Experience - 236.27 KB
PDF icon 1.D01: Virtua Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services52.1 KB
PDF icon 1.D05: NJDOE Indicator 11: Child Find Data Collection Form278.05 KB
PDF icon 1.E01: 2022-2023 GHS Fall Athletic Schedules (JV & MS)179 KB
PDF icon 1.F01: 2022-2023 Rowan University-Glassboro Public School PDS Memorandum of Understanding132.54 KB
PDF icon 1.F02: Stockton University-Sheltered English Instruction Training37.57 KB
PDF icon 1.F03: ESSER III Funds-School Counselors34.64 KB
PDF icon 1.F04: 2022-2023 GPSD Virtual & Remote Instructional Program34.93 KB
PDF icon 1.F04a: Local Educational Agency Guidance265.46 KB
PDF icon 1.F04b: Parent Guide1.46 MB
PDF icon 1.G03a: Board Report-Rodgers35.48 KB
PDF icon 1.G03b: Board Report-Bullock321.25 KB
PDF icon 1.G03c: Board Report-Bowe MS112.65 KB
PDF icon 1.G03d: Board Report-GHS282.07 KB
PDF icon 1.G03i: Board Report-CST122.7 KB
PDF icon 1.G04: Chief Academic Officer Report79.97 KB
PDF icon 1.G06: Thomas E. Bowe Middle School/GHS Pep Rally25.18 KB
PDF icon 2.D01a: Warrant Account Bill List-September 2022831.92 KB
PDF icon 2.D01b: Handwritten Check List-August 1-31, 2022281.89 KB
PDF icon 2.D01c: Board Secretary's Report-August 2022287.51 KB
PDF icon 2.D01d: Revenue Report-August 2022118.7 KB
PDF icon 2.D01e: Treasurer's Report-August 20221.38 MB
PDF icon 2.D01f: Food Service Profit & Loss-August 202222.18 KB
PDF icon 2.D02a: Transfer List-August 2022209.89 KB
PDF icon 2.E01: Policies/Regulations70.74 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a1: ByLaw 0143.2, High School Representative to the Board of Education112.12 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a2: ByLaw 0163, Quorum205.36 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a3: Policy 3216, Dress and Grooming168.04 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a4: Policy 4216, Dress and Grooming165.5 KB
PDF icon 2.E01a5: Policy 8603, Parent Attendance at School Bus Stop132.91 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b1: Policy 2415.04, Title I District-Wide Parent and Family Engagement182.58 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b2: Policy 2415.50a, J. Harvey Rodgers School Title I-School Parent and Family Engagement193.51 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b3: Policy 2415.50b, Dorothy L. Bullock School Title I-School Parent and Family Engagement211.34 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b4: Policy 2415.50c, Thomas E. Bowe School Title I-School Parent and Family Engagement211.19 KB
PDF icon 2.E01b5: Policy 2415.50d, Glassboro High School Title I-School Parent and Family Engagement211.01 KB
PDF icon 2.F01a: Maintenance Report117.25 KB
PDF icon 2.F01b: Security Drill Report-August 202232.8 KB
PDF icon 2.F01d: IT Report128.2 KB
PDF icon 3.B01i1: Substitute Nurse-Viktor Chebotarev93.04 KB
PDF icon 3.B01h: ESS Substitute List-September 202271.02 KB
PDF icon 3.B02a1: Appointment-CST-Teresa DeLaurentis43.1 KB
PDF icon 3.B02a2: Appointment/Hours Change-CST-Lauryn Satchell46.64 KB
PDF icon 3.B02a3: Transfers-CST Staff42.3 KB
PDF icon 3.B02b: Staff Transfer-Operations85.77 KB
PDF icon 3.D01: Community Affairs Secretary Report-August 2022109.61 KB
PDF icon 3.E01: ASD, ESD Monitors/Restorative Justice Facilitators35.98 KB
PDF icon 3.E02: 2022-2023 Substitute Nurses35.75 KB
PDF icon 3.E03: 2022-2023 Miscellaneous Pay Rate Schedule86.58 KB
PDF icon 3.E04: After-School Detention Monitors-Bullock61.08 KB
PDF icon 3.E05: After-School Detention Monitors-Bowe MS24.35 KB
PDF icon 3.E06a: 2022-2023 Co-Curricular Clubs-GHS99.79 KB
PDF icon 3.E06b: 2022-2023 Co-Curricular Clubs-TEBMS53.41 KB
PDF icon 3.E07: 2022-2023 Statement of Assurance-Use of Paraprofessional Staff344.94 KB