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PDF icon 0.05a: Executive Spec Mtg-Workshop 09-17-14132.65 KB
PDF icon 0.05b: Public Spec Mtg-Workshop 09-17-1486.62 KB
PDF icon 0.05c: Executive Minutes-September 23, 2014133.69 KB
PDF icon 0.05d: Public Minutes-September 23, 2014162.8 KB
PDF icon 0.08a: Violence & Vandalism Report157.64 KB
PDF icon 0.08b: Test Scores-Spring 2014 Testing Summaries1.09 MB
PDF icon 0.08f: 2014 Seeds To Success Youth Farm Stand Presentation1.12 MB
PDF icon 1.A05a: Use of GHS Stadium Field49.28 KB
PDF icon 1.A05b: Rowan Early Childhood Program65.25 KB
PDF icon 1.D01a: Warrant Account Bill List1.03 MB
PDF icon 1.D01b: Handwritten Check List601.48 KB
PDF icon 1.D01c: Board Secretary's Report763.02 KB
PDF icon 1.D01d: Revenue Report32.28 KB
PDF icon 1.D01e: Treasurer's Report220.56 KB
PDF icon 1.D02a: Transfer List364.74 KB
PDF icon 1.E01a1: Policy 2361 Acceptable Use of Computer Network-Computers & Resources317.02 KB
PDF icon 1.E01a2: Policy 3283 Electronic Communications Between Teaching Staff Members & Students295.75 KB
PDF icon 1.E01a3: Policy 4283 Electronic Communications Between Suport Staff Members & Students302.66 KB
PDF icon 1.E01a4: Regulation 7450 Property Inventory90.91 KB
PDF icon 1.E01b: Policy 1522 School-Level Planning129.77 KB
PDF icon 1.E01c1: Policy 2417 Student Intervention and Referral Services102.84 KB
PDF icon 1.E01c2: Regulation 2417 Student Intervention and Referral Services231.09 KB
PDF icon 1.E01c3: Policy 2481 Home-Out of School Instruction-Reasons other than Temp-Chronic Hlth Condition91.35 KB
PDF icon 1.E01c4: Reg 2481 Home-Out of School Instruction-Reasons other than Temp-Chronic Hlth Condition91.89 KB
PDF icon 1.E01c5: Policy 5620 Expulsion64.67 KB
PDF icon 1.E01c6: Policy 5339 Screening for Dyslexia127.11 KB
PDF icon 1.E01c7: Policy 6660 Student Activity Fund63.18 KB
PDF icon 1.E01d1: Policy 7650 School Vehicle,Assignment, Use, Tracking, Maintenance & Accounting554.98 KB
PDF icon 1.E03: Condition of School Facilities2.46 MB
PDF icon 1.F01a: Maintenance Report84.32 KB
PDF icon 1.F01b: Security Drill Report-September 201415.58 KB
PDF icon 1.F01d: Nutri-Serve Food Management Report158.62 KB
PDF icon 1.F02a: Busing Legislation152.74 KB
PDF icon 1.F03b: Referendum Update65.73 KB
PDF icon 2.B01e1: Substitute Bus Driver-Clinton Suggs27.99 KB
PDF icon 2.F01: Community Affairs Secretary Report149.58 KB
PDF icon 2.G01a: GIS First Year Volunteer Co-Curricular Clubs497.09 KB
PDF icon 2.G02: GHS First Year Permanent Volunteer Club91.01 KB
PDF icon 2.G03a: 2014-2015 Event Staff8.14 KB
PDF icon 2.G03b: 2014-2015 Event Staff-Karen Hopper54.67 KB
PDF icon 2.G04: 2014-2015 Evening School7.11 KB
PDF icon 2.G05: Afterschool Tutors19.96 KB
PDF icon 2.G07: Winter Coaching Positions-Fitness Club Advisor117.3 KB
PDF icon 2.G08: Fall Fitness Club-Christopher Wood45.27 KB
PDF icon 2.G09: Loss of Prep-Bruce Farquhar7.23 KB
PDF icon 2.G10: Study Group Advisors52.98 KB
PDF icon 2.G11: PreK-Kindergarten Orientation75.08 KB
PDF icon 3.A04a: Curriculum Committee Mission Statement73.18 KB
PDF icon 3.A04b: ESL Curriculum Committee Mission Statement79.13 KB
PDF icon 3.A05a: Professional Development-Workshops173.36 KB
PDF icon 3.B01a: Rowan University-Junior Field Experience20.28 KB
PDF icon 3.B02: Enrollment-ADA555.67 KB
PDF icon 3.D01: Department of Special Services Brouchure285.47 KB
PDF icon 3.D02: Child Study Team Referral Form199.84 KB
PDF icon 3.F01: Bowe Camping Trip7.76 KB
PDF icon 3.F02: Homebound Instruction-Brookfield19.92 KB
PDF icon 3.F03: School Nursing Services Plan 2014-2015171.7 KB
PDF icon 3.F04: QSAC Statement of Assurance76.41 KB
PDF icon 3.F05: C.L.O.W.N. Squad20.14 KB
PDF icon 3.F08: Dyslexia Conference Participants31.21 KB
PDF icon 3.G03d: Board Report-GIS85.12 KB
PDF icon 3.G03a: Board Report-Rodgers84.49 KB
PDF icon 3.G03b: Board Report-Bullock266.63 KB
PDF icon 3.G03c: Board Report-Bowe105.38 KB
PDF icon 3.G03e: Board Report-GHS506.45 KB
PDF icon 3.G03f: Board Report-Bullock Guidance158.23 KB
PDF icon 3.G03g: Board Report-Bowe Guidance98.3 KB
PDF icon 3.G03h: Board Report-GIS Guidance96.24 KB
PDF icon 3.G04: Director of Curriculum, Special Ed & Personnel Report326.84 KB